UK TQM (NCFE Specialist)

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  • Who needs TQM Certification?

    Quality plays an essential role in every business. Successful businesses are putting emphasis on quality of their brands over quantity to survive the cut throat competition.

    Why would a customer come to you if your competitor is also offering the same product? The difference has to be there in quality. Your brand needs to be superior for it to stand apart from the rest.

    Remember, one happy and satisfied customer brings ten new customers along with him whereas one disappointed individual will spread bad word of mouth and spoil several of your existing as well as potential customers.
    You need to give something extra to your customers to expect loyalty in return. Quality can be measured in terms of durability, reliability, usage and so on. Total quality management is a structured effort by employees to continuously improve the quality of their products and services through proper feedbacks and research. Ensuring superior quality of a product or service is not the responsibility of a single member.

    Every individual who receives his/her paycheck from the organization has to contribute equally to design foolproof processes and systems which would eventually ensure superior quality of products and services. Total Quality management is indeed a joint effort of management, staff members, workforce, suppliers in order to meet and exceed customer satisfaction level. You can’t just blame one person for not adhering to quality measures.

    The responsibility lies on the shoulder of everyone who is even remotely associated with the organization.

  • What is the meaning of TQM?

    Total Quality management is defined as a continuous effort by the management as well as employees of a particular organization to ensure long term customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

  •  What are the course content, duration & cost of this course?

    Course Outline: This 4days training program will cover the following topics –

    Day 1
    • Defining Total Quality Management
    • The History and Philosophy behind TQM
    • Leading lights and their ideas
    Day 2
    • Principles of Total Quality Management
    • Understanding the core principles in achieving TQM
    • The elements that make up TQM
    • Prevention not correction
    • Difference between Quality management & TQM
    Day 3
    • Benefits of Total Quality Management
    • Obstacles of TQM
    • Understanding Process Improvement
    • Implementing Total Quality Management
    • To the Customer – improved quality
    • To the employees – increased satisfaction
    • To the organisation – better performance

    Course Duration: 3 Days (3 hours per daily). Training hold on weekends or weekends

    Cost of Training: N40,000 (Forty thousand naira only)

  •  Who is qualified to run this course?

    Everyone is eligible to take this course. This program will also interest individuals who are already working in quality-related positions such as human resource, safety, environment, customer service, business administration, production etc who require broader knowledge in dealing with customers and the process that leads to good and improved service delivery.

  • How can I register for this course?

    To register for this course, simply fill the registration form by Clicking Here and follow the instructions.

    Immediately we receive your registration form, we will send you an acknowledgement email or SMS. The email or SMS contains the course fee, course start date, bank account details for payment, training address registration closing date. To view the 2017 training calendar for this course, simply Click Here

  • After training is there an examination to write?

    On completion of the training the candidates will be required to write a 1-hour multiple choice exam of 50 questions and provide the case study of an organisation in project format containing 2000 words to be submitted 2 weeks after training.

  •  What is the difference between TQM and QMS 9001?

    For short, TQM focuses on improving an organisation and the quality of its services with the aim of satisfying customers.
    While, QMS focuses on improving an organisation and the quality of its process with the aim of producing quality products.
    One approaches quality from the customers perspective, the other sees quality from the product perspective.

  • Is Novelle Center an Accredited centre?

    Yes, we are approved by the UK SHE Organisation to offer the British International Safety Organisation TQM course. Accreditation number is 304958-03. Click to verify

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