Get a comprehensive description about NEBOSH before you register

  • What is Nebosh?

    The word NEBOSH is an acronym for National Examination Board on Occupational Safety and Health. It is a UK based Institute which has gained recognition over the years in setting examination for people who want a career in safety and for those who generally work in the oil and gas sector.

    NEBOSH International General Certificate stands as the major prerequisite for all career professionals both young and experienced. With presence in over 40 countries of the world NEBOSH Certification has become the most valuable qualification amongst a wide range of other health and Safety courses in the world. Novelle Center is a NEBOSH approved training centre with accreditation number 945.

  • What is NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)?

    NEBOSH IGC certification course is currently listed amongst the 3 most significant certification training in the field of health and safety; engineering, science and technology, oil and gas, art and medicine. Successful candidates of this program stand a 95% chance of being selected for employment or promotion.

    IGC is globally recognised as a safety level 6 certification course equivalent to having an National Master Certificate (OND) well known to given you the robust skills and know-how, to perform health and safety obligations in industries such as formulating HSE policies, managing, advising and evaluating health and safety practices in companies anywhere in the world. This course consists of 3 units (IGC1, GC2 and GC3) and requires 73 training-hours to complete. Afterwards, the candidates are required to write the International exams

  • Why do you need the NEBOSH course?

    Certification and personal upgrade is to a worker what a gold medal is to an athlete. Ever thought about how some people stay relevant and on high demand at a time when getting a job or keeping one is far fetched?

    The answer is not difficult. For decades, highly successful individuals have understood that the step to significance lies in the continuous upgrading of one’s intellectual capacity. Professional training has been proven over the years to be the most effective tool for career success and personal development. Talk about experience and exposure you talk about qualitative professional training. NEBOSH IGC certification course provides individuals and organisations with knowledge of the best standards and practice in health and safety management.

  • What does the NEBOSH IGC course cover?

    Unit IGC1: The Management of International Health and Safety

    • Foundations in Health and Safety
    • Health and Safety Management Systems 1 Plan
    • Health and Safety Management Systems 2 Do
    • Health and Safety Management Systems 3 Check
    • Health and Safety Management Systems 4 Act

    Unit IGC2: Controlling Workplace Hazards

    • Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
    • Transport Hazards and Risk Control
    • Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
    • Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
    • Electrical and Fire Safety
    • Chemical & Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control
    • Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Control

    Unit IGC3: Health and Safety Practical Application

    • Health and Safety Practical Application
  • Where do the certificates come from?

    NEBOSH IGC Certificates are released directly from the UK and sent directly to accredited centres.

  • How recognised is NEBOSH IGC?

    NEBOSH IGC is safety level 6 and currently stands as the highest recognised certificate-level qualification in the field of safety.


  • Who is qualified to take this course?

    NEBOSH IGC is suitable for everyone from young graduates of any profession, to field supervisors, executive and management staffs, both internal auditors and lead auditors, project leaders and basically anyone who is career driven.

    You don’t require any previous exposure in safety to excel in this certification course as NEBOSH IGC provides with the foundational knowledge in health and safety.


  • How can I register for this course?

    To register for this course, simply fill the registration form by Clicking Here and follow the instructions.

    Immediately we receive your registration form, we will send you an acknowledgement email or SMS. The email or SMS contains the course fee, course start date, bank account details for payment, training address registration closing date. To view the 2018 training calendar for this course, simply Clicking Here

  • What is the cost of this course?

    The total fee is N240000 (800 pounds). This cost covers the training; NEBOSH exam, British Council candidate registration, Nebosh training text book, writing kits, GC3 assessment fee, Breakfast and lunch for the entire training.

    • Instalment payment plan: payment in this order pay N100,000 at least 3 weeks to the training commencement date, and then another N100,000 by two weeks after end of training. And finally pay the balance of N40,000 before writing the exams
    • Full payment plan: Candidates who wish to pay in full will automatically receive N10,000 discount. This implies that the candidate will pay N230,000 only.
  • What is the duration of this course?

    NEBOSH IGC course requires 73 contact hours to complete the training. Therefore classes are designed to run for 10days from Mondays to Fridays (no weekends) for two weeks by 9am to 4pm daily.

    • The IGC1 is covered within the first 4days
    • The GC2 runs from the 5th day to the 10th
    • The GC3 runs from for 3hours on the 10th day
  • After training is there an examination to write?

    On completion of the training the candidates will be required to seat for an exam. The papers to write are IGC1 (contains 11 compulsory theory questions and lasts for 2 hours); and GC2 (which also contains 11 compulsory theory questions and lasts for 2 hours); while the GC3 is a project you are required to carry out and submit by latest 10days after writing the IGC1 and GC2 exams.

    Candidates who pass this exam will be issued a result transcript (COERS) in 40 working days time after exam, and certificates will be sent from UK in another 40 working days for each units passed. The exams are held in our training centres and coordinated by the British Council.

  • How is the examination marked?

    After the exams, the British Council returns all scripts to NEBOSH in UK. Candidate scripts are marked by examiners at NEBOSH. To pass IGC1 & GC2 you need to score at least 45% in each of the units. While to pass GC3 you must make 60%. Candidates who pass all 3 units will receive 4 certificates: IGC1 certificate; GC2 certificate; GC3 certificate and a big-sized General certificate. However, candidates who fail to meet any of the required marks will not receive the certificates for that unit, but will receive certificates for the units passed.

  • Is Novelle Center a NEBOSH accredited centre?

    Yes, we are a NEBOSH accredited centre with well over 5 years experience in the business of helping candidates succeed at the training through our rigorous preparation style. Accreditation number is 945.

  • What is the difference between NEBOSH and HSE level 1,2,3?

    Safety certification consists of 6 levels namely: level 1; level 2; level 3; level 5; level 6 and level 8. HSE starts at level 1 to level 3, while NEBOSH starts at level 5 to level 8. NEBOSH safety for process industry is safety level 5, NEBOSH IGC is currently a safety level 6 course. After completing IGC you become eligible to seat for safety level 8 (NEBOSH diploma).

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