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Health, Safety, and Environment Management Course and Training and Everything About HSE and Health, Safety and Environment Management

  • Who needs HSE Training Certification?

    HSE Training Certification and personal upgrade is to a worker what a gold medal is to an athlete. Wonder how people stay relevant and on high demand at a time when getting a job or keeping one is far fetched?

    The answer is not far-fetched

    Interestingly, successful individuals have understood that the step to significance lies in the continuous upgrading of one’s intellectual capacity. Talk about experience and exposure you talk about qualitative professional training.

    Every year over 3 million people suffer from different type of illness or injury that can be directly related to their work environment. Tragically, findings reveal that an estimated 20 persons are killed in preventable accidents while carrying out their day to day jobs – possible in breach of their human rights.

  • Who is Responsible for HSE training?

    As an employee, job seeker, or self-employed, you have a duty to protect yourself and those working alongside you, as well as report hazards and defects observed in the workplace. The Health and Safety Act 2014 of Nigeria for oil and gas mandates everyone to be fully equipped in the knowledge of health and safety so as to be productive and last longer at work in your service years.

    As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of your workforce. The Health and safety at work Act of 1974 mandates employers of labour to provide a duty of care for employees and all visitors to their work premises.

  • What is the meaning of HSE?

    HSE is an acronym for Health, Safety and Environment. This course involves managing, controlling and handling all aspects of health, safety and environment in industries – with the focus on major accident risk.

    The health and safety training course is a requirement in the field of engineering, science and technology, oil and gas, art and medicine, administration and management, banking and finance.

    Successful candidates of this program stand a 73% chance of working as a Safety officer. Essential for NYSC corpers.

    This course provides you with the knowledge, skills and solid training in the theories and practices of occupational health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management. Participants will have the foundations to create, plan, implement, audit and evaluate programs in the areas of health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management systems.

  • Overview of the UK SHE Organisation.

    The UK SHE Organisation provides the British International Safety Organisation (BISO) certifications in health, safety and environment. As well as quality and audit skills to the upcoming and practicing professionals for the challenges of a rewarding career.

    Novelle Center is an approved HSE training center in Nigeria accredited by the UK SHE Organisation. We provide the UK HSE 1,2,3 training course in collaboration with the UK SHE organisation with globally-recognized certificates.

  • There are 3 levels to run to be qualified as a safety officer

    • Health and Safety at work – This level otherwise referred to as General HSE gives an introduction to understanding the skills, principles, and practices of workplace safety.
    • Understanding Risk Assessment – This level provides an understanding of the workplace culture by enabling learners understand the basic principles of risk assessment.
    • Health, Safety, and Environmental Awareness – This level gives an in-depth understanding of health, safety and environmental practices and policies. Essential for oil and gas industry.
  • What are the course content, duration & cost of this course?

    Course Outline: The classroom training runs for 4 days covering the following topics –

    – Day 1 (HSE Level 1 – General HSE)
    • Introduction to Health and Safety in the workplace
    • International and Local Health and Safety legislation and policies
    • Understanding the Type of Hazards and control measures (HEMP)
    – Day 2 (HSE Level 2)
    • Permit to Work
    • Safety Signs and symbols
    • Lockout Tag Out Work Procedures
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    – Day 3 (HSE Level 3)
    • Accident Investigation and Emergency Response
    • Risk Assessment and applications (Site Project)
    • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
    • Crisis Management and Security Awareness
    – Day 4 (HSE Level 3)
    • Introduction to Environmental Awareness
    • Basic First Aid and applications (Practical Session)
    • Fire Safety applications (Practical Session)

    Classroom Training fee is 76pounds (N40,000) and online is 48pounds (N25,000).

    Installment payments allowed.

    The HSE training for NYSC corps comes at a further 50% discount.

  • Where are the certificates from?

    The certificate is dispatched from the UK with the British International Safety Organisation seal of recognition. Successful candidates of this course are issued the UK SHE International membership and identification card after training.

  • Who is qualified to run this course?

    Training is necessary for everyone new to health, safety, and the environment. Safety officers, oil, and gas workers. Also important for workers in safety-related positions who require broader legal and technical knowledge to function effectively. And those planning to move into safety-related positions. Essential for NYSC corps.

  • How can I register for the HSE Online Course?

    To register for this course, simply fill the registration form by Clicking Here and follow the instructions.

    Immediately we receive your registration form, we will send you detailed course information. To view the training calendar for this course, simply Click Here

  • After training is there an examination to write?

    On completion of the HSE training, the candidates will be required to seat for an international online exam. The papers to write are General HSE level 1 (containing 100 questions); HSE level 2 (containing 50 questions) and HSE level 3 (containing 50 questions).

  • What is the difference between NEBOSH and HSE?

    Safety training & certification consist of 6 levels namely 1,2,3,5,6 and 8.

    General HSE starts at level 1 to level 3, while NEBOSH HSE starts at level 5 to level 8. Compare NEBOSH IGC here

  • Is Novelle Center an Accredited/Approved centre?

    Yes, we are approved by the UK SHE Organisation to offer the British International Safety Organisation HSE level 1,2 & 3 courses. Accreditation number is 304958-03. Click to verify

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