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ISO 9001 Training Course Details

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  • What is ISO 9001 Training course?

    ISO 9001 Training also referred to as QMS training course generally focuses on all the key skills that can enhance the inspection capabilities of the individuals in the practical sense so that they can effectively plan, conduct, and report an internal audit of the organization, just like an experienced ISO 9001 Internal Auditor.

    This course will educate and train the employees to effectively lead an inspection team in the company or even for the outsourced vendor.

  • Who is qualified for this training course?

    • The ISO 9001 Training Course is suitable for everyone.
    • Those seeking to build processional competence in the subject area.
    • Auditors who perform quality management audits leading to certifications in the organization needs this training.
    • Individuals who will be responsible for maintaining conformance of quality management requirements
    • Technical experts and advisors highly need this training to understand and prepare an internal audit just like an expert ISO 9001 Internal Auditor.
  • What are the benefits of ISO 9001 Lead Auditor training course?

    • Firstly, learners are effectively able to apply ISO 9001:2018 standards to a set of process in an industry or an organization.
    • And then, participants will receive expertise to effectively use their interviewing skills and hence will be capable of deploying right officers to manage key functions, roles and responsibilities aimed at sustaining QMS process.
    • In addition, learners will understand and be able to identify all objective evidence in any process of the company.
    • The delegate will be able to effectively develop an audit plan and set up the required checklist by analyzing the entire scenario and the resources involved.
    • Be able to develop a cost-effective and result-oriented audit system.
    • Will be able to plan, manage and schedule an audit program.
    • After completion of the exam,  successful delegates can apply for the seal of an IRCA certified Lead Auditor & CQI member.
    • Trained and certified by an IRCA Accredited center (6062693) for ISO Lead Auditor training (QMS training course).
  • Course Content

    • Introduction to Quality Management System (QMS) concepts as required by QMS 9001.
    • Planning and initiating an QMS 9001 audit
    • Conducting an QMS 9001 audit
    • Concluding and ensuring the follow-up of an QMS 9001 audit
    • Certification Examination
    • Compare ISO 45001
  • What is the ISO 9001 Learning objective?

    • Delegates will be able to evaluate all the objective evidence of conformance involved in the quality process.
    • Identify and document all the nonconformities in the organization and be able to take necessary corrective actions in the process.
    • Perform document reviews.
    • Conduct and lead onsite audits.
    • Develop clear and precise reports.
  • What is the learning approach?

    • The course is based on theory and activity aimed at giving participants an in depth understanding of QMS audit.
    • Practical questions and case studies discussions.
    • Classroom Activities (workshop-based training) make up the continuous assessment which is a requirement for passing the course
    • A pass mark of 70% and above in the written examination at the end of course is the requirement for certification.
  • What is the training duration?

    Total of 5days. Classes run from 9am – 4pm daily.

  • What is the training cost?

The Classroom training package cost NGN160,000. This cost covers the training, examination registration, study materials, invigilation fee, tea break and lunch, and other related materials

While the online training option available at NGN120,000. Fee covers training, examination registration, study materials.

Installment payment option available.

  • Exam results, grading, and certificate?

    • The ISO 9001 certificates from CQI IRCA are issued only to learners who succeed in the examination.
    • A pass mark of 70% and above in the written examination at the end of course is the requirement for ISO 9001 Training Certification.
    • Results are released within 30 working days after exams.
    • Successful delegates are issued CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT
    • Unsuccessful delegates are issues CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.
  • Is Novelle Center a CQI IRCA Approved Center?

    Yes, Novelle Center is an IRCA Accredited center. Click to verify. CQI IRCA Approved ID is 6062693. See approval certificate here.

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