About Course

Health and safety in the workplace is a key performance measure within successful and forward-thinking organizations. Forward-thinking leaders understand that health and safety is not just morally vital but also contributes to the achievement of objectives across the organizational spectrum covering finance, operations, compliance, and governance.

This newly introduced course – NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence is a safety level 6 qualification (same level as IGC). This qualification is designed to support both leaders, and aspiring leaders in understanding how their behaviors and responsibilities directly influence health and safety management.

This NEBOSH course is designed with HSE-leading experts to enable you to set a transparent and credible benchmark that young and leaders can aspire.

Course Objective

Health and Safety Leadership Excellence course is suitable for assisting health and safety leaders in understanding their responsibilities and leadership style and giving pointers on building relationships with the workforce.

  • Understand what health and safety leadership means
  • Learn the moral, legal, and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership
  • Know the links between health and safety leadership and culture
  • Learn the Impact of good health and safety leadership on the workplace
  • Learn the five HSE’s model of effective health and safety leadership
  • Learn the impact of human failure on HSE and ways to mitigate in leadership
  • Ways to build long-lasting relationships with the workforce using effective leadership communication

Course Outline

Element 1:

  • Reasons for health and safety leadership, Visio and business benefits
  • The moral, legal, and financial objectives for good health and safety leadership
  • How leaders can get the assurance that health and safety is managed effectively
  • How leadership can positively influence health and safety culture

Element 2:

  • Impact of human failure and HSE’s ‘Make it happen” model
  • Mental shortcuts, perception biases, habits, and beliefs and how they influence decision making

Element 3:

  • Understanding leadership styles for effective health and safety
  • The Five values and supporting foundations of the HSE’s health and safety leadership model
  • Building relationships with the workforce

Training Methodology

Training is delivered as Classroom training or Online study.

Classroom training consists of lectures with a physical tutor, videos, discussions, activities, assignments, and professional experiences among participants and the tutor. During this period, participants will be guided by our NEBOSH Approved tutors, who are dedicated to ensuring sessions are successfully delivered.

The online study consists of various proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. In online training, lectures are conducted the same way physical training is conducted except, this time, it is virtual. Learners can pause, replay, rewind, fast forward a video, and enjoy a lecture from any location.

Who should attend

This qualification is suitable for everyone, for business leaders working in any sector, or anyone who aspires to the role of HSE manager in the future. It will help you become a better health and safety advocate and influencer by highlighting the key areas to make a difference. Prospective learners do not need previous experience to enroll, training or write the international examination.

Fees and Duration

NEBOSH HSL course fee is NGN220,000 (287 pounds) for physical training. At the same time, the online training mode costs NGN200,000 (262 pounds). The fee covers training, examination, and project work. Novelle Center provides a flexible payment plan in 2 payment installments.

A total of 2days is required to complete the physical training, while the online training consists of 5days to complete.

Exam, Result and Certificate

The examination is taken online on the third day after training and set up by a NEBOSH accredited learning partner.

You will receive your results within 24 working days of sitting the examination. The exam is assessed as a ‘Pass’ or ‘Refer.’ Once you have achieved a pass, your hardcopy certificate will be issued. This will normally take within 20 working days of the confirmation of the successful unit.

Course Benefits

The course is a certificate-level qualification, the same level as IGC. It is affordable and takes shorter to complete. 100% examination success is guaranteed. Qualification is specially designed for managers and leaders in all organizations, so you don’t need pre-course knowledge to join. This NEBOSH course is a bridge to your aspiration as an HSE manager in the future.

Need to speak with a course advisor?

For further inquiry and registration, call 09030589313, 09084766905.