What is NEBOSH IGC and Why Should You Take It Up?


The NEBOSH IGC is a special training course that covers a wide range of topics that help one draw a specialization in the fields of health and safety. Along with ISO Internal Auditor Course and the ISO 9001 Training Certification, the qualification features among the very few that serve as a measuring yardstick for employers to understand their legal and moral responsibilities in-depth. Besides, they also contribute towards the growth of the individual concerned in the fields of personality development and qualitative reasoning. In today’s world, these attributes are considered essential for any candidate to excel in their respective fields.

Why should you take up this course?

These courses are essential and a must-learn for those individuals who wish to build a career in health and safety. It is a mandatory prerequisite for all existing industry professionals, oil & gas workers, consultants, top executives, internal and lead auditors, project managers, as well as supervisors.

Additionally, topics revolving around risk assessments by employees are also covered in this course. The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is an esteemed independent examination board that is based out of the United Kingdom (UK). This organization and its subsidiaries aim at delivering specialized vocational qualifications and programs in the fields of health, safety, and environment practice, along with dishing out project and quality management training programs.

What is the scope and duration of the course?

NEBOSH IGC concentrates on a couple of major aspects: – The Management of Health and Safety (IG1) and Risk Assessment (IG2). Both these modules are equally important and together constitute a course that proves to be instrumental in shaping the future of the health and safety industries. When undertaken offline at the ground level, the course spans a period of 10 days in all. Out of the 10 days, 6 days are allocated to the IG1 module while the remaining days are allocated to the IG2 module revolving around risk assessment.

On the other hand, should you happen to pursue the course through an online medium, the program spreads itself across a duration of a month.  The user has the liberty of choosing time slots that align best with their schedules. To monitor the progress, the candidates are made to appear an open-book examination at the end of the training period. The test is held in strict adherence of the quality and standards that are mandated by NEBOSH qualifications.

Topics Incorporated in the Modules:

The IG1 and IG2 modules under the NEBOSH IGC course cover a host of important topics that are related to health and risk management. They are as listed below:

  • Need for managing workplace health and safety
  • Anatomy of health and safety management systems and their subsequent implementation
  • Understanding the people and processes involved in risk management
  • Monitoring and measuring health and safety standards
  • Psychological and Physical health and well-being
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Working around fire, electricity, and work equipment
  • Managing chemical and biological agents
  • Understanding and addressing general workplace issues

Prioritizing Health, Safety, and Environment-The Three Pillars of Success:

The understanding of various tenets of health and safety is important for it ensures that your working environment remains friendly and conducive at all times. To facilitate this, students at the Novelle Center are made to appreciate and comprehend the various changes that take place in and around their surroundings. Consequently, this helps them to react and respond to potential problems in a manner that is far more instinctive and intuitive.

To discuss this phenomenon at length, the HSE courses have been created. They provide candidates with a step-by-step process, furnishing newcomers with the necessary know-how concerning all new and improved techniques and procedures in this field. The HSE course includes the HSE 1, 2, 3 courses, which is indicative of the various levels of information that is disseminated at each stage of the program.


Why choose Novelle Center?

As the leading NEBOSH training provider and are the largest of its kind in Nigeria, we strive to become the world’s leading knowledge center for providing internationally recognised and standardized training, business solutions and specialized course certifications. At Novelle, the core values of our business proposition are comprised and dictated by the tenets of uncompromising customer satisfaction, qualitative service, and innovative delivery.

In a mere span of 11 years, we have scaled unparalleled and exclusive heights of offering sound business ethics and standard quality service. Crowned as the foremost accredited training providers of NEBOSH IGC, HSE (Health, safety, and environment) training course, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course, ISO 45001, ISO lead auditor training, project management, human resource management as well as oil and gas-related courses, we are increasingly committed to the vision of keeping our reputation intact as an authentic training center that provides globally recognized and verifiable courses. With your business objective as our sole priority, we are firm believers in the fact that with the right skill set and knowledge, no scale of achievement remains a distant possibility.

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